Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Beginnings

Tomorrow morning I'm going to gamestop to sell the last of my XBOX 360 games. I don't think I'll ever purchase a disc again. For two reasons, the first being that soon games won't be sold on disc anymore, but the other and more important reason is that there are far more interesting things to play on the community games channel (or indie games channel if you prefer).

Yesterday I gave Darthuvius 1000 MS Points. He spent 200 on Miner Dig Deep. Quite an enjoyable game. It could use some more work, just like every game on the channel, or every game for that matter, but you know how it is. So? You might ask, what are you going to do with those other 800 points?

Take a guess.

Yeah that's right, KODU.

The last game you'll ever play.

I think we only have a few more days to wait for this one, it looks like my ban is going to be lifted before it gets released which is good. I'm still hoping it goes into playtest too. And oh yeah, I am going to try and do everything in my powers to get this game to code4 or in some other way be frustrating and confusing so that I can fail it in review.

I only do this because I care so much :)

Some have said KODU doesn't interest them, and some have said that you can't really use KODU to create worlds. I've mentioned before and I'll mention again that my expectations are at extreme levels. I plan to create many worlds in KODU. I want people to feel attached to characters they meet when they play in my worlds. Only time will tell if this is going to be possible. I hope that it is. Oh yeah, I also think it would be neat If I could sell my worlds to other users, but that will come in time.

Well its almost 1 am, so I think I will go rest for a bit. I do have lots of other thoughts about KODU, maybe I'll add to this post later.

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