Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kodu dialog

Hi! I altered some programming in one of the tutorials to show some of the dialog options in Kodu.

These images are from the NPC kodu programming. The first one shows a technique where a score can be used as a variable. You can have a few different colored scores, about ten I think. This is page 1.

This image is page 2 of the NPC kodu's programming. It gets activated after the PC Kodu presses A to increase the black score by one.

And this is page 3. If you notice in the video, the bullets that the PC shoots are orange, but they do not activate this WHEN bump,orange code. But when the orange kodu bumps into the NPC it is activated.

And this is the dialog entry screen, a bit familiar. The thing after each sentence is for line breaks, which are needed since you can only fit so much text into a dialog box on screen. There are a number of other <> options,instead of cr, you can type trike to display a picture of the trike in the dialog box, and probably a number of other things you can do that I'm not aware of.

After you enter your text you are given the option to display your lines either fullscreen, as a sequence like in my video, or choose one randomly. I plan to mess around with the dialog stuff later. As for skine99's questions about map sizes, they can get pretty big and yes the size of the map can have an effect on the thermometer. I'll post some map size stuff soon.


  1. Thanks....keep it coming :)

  2. I'm very interested in this game. I haven't read all of your posts yet but I have a few quick questions.

    Can you design or highly customize your character/object you play as?

    Can you compare kodu to little big planet?

    And finally, is it really possible to create anything you want in it? Could you post a video of a 2d platformer?

    Thanks so much, I'll be checking your site daily.

  3. Skine here thanks for answering my question and even more! :D

    Also I liked your game with the four cannons it in a weird way reminds me of a reverse hungry hungry hippos.

    Does that once modifier eliminate the need for unnecessary page changes? Like if you press A near them they'll say the dialogue and then won't say it ever again when pressing A?

    Also, how easy do you think it would be to program say a short little cutscene with dialogue between two or three people? Maybe even with camera angle changes? You don't necessarily need to make it but I figure you know the program and understand how that kind of stuff works out.

  4. lol, I thought was game was like hungry hungry hippos in reverse too. The once modifier is to make something only happen once, in this case if the npc kodu sees another kodu nearby it would activate the say command once and then stop. otherwise it would keep repeating itself.

    If the pc kodu went away and then came back, the npc kodu would say its line again.

    I havent really messed around with changing camera angles based on events but that sounds possible. Although I think you might need to have an object to base the cameras position off of.

    I'll check it out.

  5. Cool. I look forward to the next update. :)