Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Kodu Fun!!

Hello! I am having a lot of fun with Kodu. I'm currently working on a game called Feed the Fishy.

The fish wanders around until it sees an apple then it chases it down. After it eats the apple, it spits out a wisp which follows a path. Each cannon shoots out a colored apple when the corresponding colored button is pressed on the gamepad. As you can see there can be a lot of apples and wisps on the screen before the thermometer starts to fill up. Once it gets fully red, you can no longer create any apples by pressing a button, instead you hear an annoying bzzzz! sound.

I chose my favorite music so far, Mood Music lol. There's a number of different music tracks in Kodu, as well as a lot of sound effects. beeps and boops not to mention the blips!

I don't know what inspired me to create this game, I just kind of started with a blank world and started messing around with things. I chose the ground pattern because I thought it might help me place things more symmetrically. There is no snap to grid option in Kodu. I think a lot of the design options for Kodu were probably made with ease of use in mind. That's quite understandable, but I think the developers might be underestimating the determination of their playerbase. At any rate, I hope the dev team continues their fantastic work on Kodu for years to come. Did you know that Kodu was made by a programming team of 4 people!!


  1. this is what it used to feel like before christmas morning. I am so excited.

    thanks for the video, it answers a lot of questions.

  2. surrealism is about to be resurrected on xbox live, how surreal is that?