Sunday, October 25, 2009


Click To Download the Trial!!

I’ve played Amniotic for a few hours now and I most definitely will be playing it again. I’m not the biggest fan of arena shooters in general but I decided to give Amniotic a try. It might have been the screenshots that drew me in.

In my first play of the game, I got to the first boss which is this snakelike creature pictured here. After killing it, a popup screen told me the demo had ended and asked if I wanted to purchase the game. As the purchase screen loaded a few thoughts ran through my head, “Is this going to be 240 or 400 points”, “Is there any pizza left in the fridge?”
Amniotic is only 80 points! Roughly 1 dollar American. Luckily I had some leftover points from who knows when and I clicked buy and then continued playing. I got 41000 points that first game.
I was interested to know how many people worked on this game, according to the credits, 2 people. Nice work by the way!
Amniotic is simple to pick up and play but can also be quite challenging. There is really only one power up you can acquire, small rings you are occasionally rewarded with after defeating certain enemies. These rings increase the length of your tail, and the length of your tail determines your firepower. You definitely want to have a long tail, but the longer your tail the longer your target.
The screenshots don’t really do the game justice. You really need to play this game to appreciate the amount of work spent making the graphics stand out. You will also need an HD screen. But if you don’t have one of those by now then I truly feel sorry for you.
Amniotic also supports local 2 player Co-Op. I haven't tried this feature out yet, but I plan to soon. There are also two camera modes, classic and dynamic. I play on classic because that's just how I roll, but you might enjoy the dynamic mode, you can even zoom in a bit as well.
I have a few small gripes, you can easily disable the music or play your own but there is no setting for adjusting the sound effects volume. Although it is fun to shake my entire building when I pick up a shockwave! I would still like to be able to disable sound effects.
I’m currently wondering if this game can be beaten or if it just keeps going on forever. I think I made it to stage 5 in my last game before I was overwhelmed but I’m excited about playing it again. I would suggest you download the trial of this game by CLICKING HERE NOW!

Rise from your grave!

You might have thought that this site was abandoned, never! There just seemed to be a dearth in the quality of games being released to our beloved xbox community/indy games channel. Never fear! I have been checking the channel daily and downloading every game whose screenshots and description evoke any kind of response in my cortex. Sadly, as you may be aware, I was permabanned from XNA Creators Club back in July. No matter, Game on! I just spent some leftover points on two xna games and I will be reviewing them shortly.