Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moving platforms, living the dream

Hey, someone asked about moving platforms in Kodu. I do not think this is going to be possible in Kodu 1.0. I do however think that soon after release the Kodu forum on is going to be flooded with feature requests, and a high number will probably be for moving platforms.

The problem right now is that there just isn't an object that would make a good platform. And that most objects have built in collision code that we dont have any real access to. If you can make out a faint yellow glow in the video, that's the sign of two objects bumping into each other. I expect moving platforms to make it in eventually, everybody loves em!

There needs to be more customization in this game, that is a given. We will just have to give the devs time to implement everything that we want. Do you think people would contribute to an open source package of this nature? Oh, you know that they would. But I digress.

The latest news is that Kodu is expected to go into peer review this Sunday. The devs are really pushing for a Tuesday release it seems, having lined up the press and whatnot. I'll update this post with Kodu's review progress. It's quite possible the game could arrive before Tuesday. Or it could be on the marketplace next month, thats just the way it goes.

Kodu Review Progress: 50%

I passed it, and I can't see review progress anymore, but it probably needs about 6 or 7 more people to pass it.


  1. Wouldn't it be possible to set your character to auto scale hills so it always stays at the same height from the ground and therefore would be able to use moving platforms? I know u can do this with bullets.

  2. Only bullets have that 'Cruise' option.

    I agree about moving platforms, I'll mention that in my next mail to Mark.

    Oh and the final version of my RTS game is done, I'll share it with you tomorrow. I'm working on a L4D-style survival game now with a scaling difficulty modifier, that should be done tomorrow.

  3. 6-7 more will be cake for Kodu I'll bet. :) YAY TUESDAY!!!!


  4. it could be out earlier, My game was approved and then released within minutes.

  5. only a little bit longer eh? agh, the wait is killing me! post up some more vids neh?

  6. -skine

    Did Matt lie on his blog? lol. He says the earliest it could be out is Tuesday. :P Would that work at midnight or what...

  7. hey guy who made the RTS. Could you tell us what you did maybe? I'm also interested in making one upon release and am just curious. Also how would you make the L4D game?

  8. L4D Kodu style. Its pretty fun. You and your kodu friends against an ever increasing swarm of sputniks. Just think about what you want to do and then do it. El Bishi made the two games. He is still working on em though.

  9. (I are El Bishi)
    The RTS game (Kommand & Kodu) is quite autonomous, the only thing the player does is create units (Tanks, Bikes, Harvesters and Healers). I'm currently testing out a few ways of actually controlling units, but I'm limited on how many buttons I can use :(

    The L4D (It's called Left 4 Kodu) game is also quite complicated. Basically, players have to shoot zombies. There's also some fun powerups.

    Here's the instruction set, there's no in-game instructions yet (I don't have a keyboard for my xbox, and typing it with buttons is too much effort):
    #A: Spawn/Respawn when prompted (when you die, you must wait 5 seconds before being able to respawn)
    #LS: Movement
    #RT: Shoot

    #Gold Coin: +10 points to whoever picks it up.
    #Red Heart: +50 health to whoever picks it up (Total player health = 100, Zombies do 1 damage per bite).
    #Blue Bomb: Kills all Zombies on screen. Does not grant any points for kills.
    #Green Apple: Causes all Zombies that bite you to violently implode for 10 seconds. Does not grant any points for kills.
    #White Rock: Protects you from all damage for 10 seconds.

    #White: Total kills (including bomb/apple kills).
    #Grey: Total amount of seconds since first player spawn.

    #Red/Green/Blue/Yellow = Player 1/2/3/4's current points. Each kill (not including bomb/apple kills) = +1 point, death = -100 points, coin = +10 points.
    #Purple: Current difficulty.

    #This goes up by 1 every 60 seconds (counter only plays when players are alive).
    #This goes up by 1 for every 50 zombies killed.
    #This goes up by 5 whenever a player spawns of respawns.
    #This goes down by 5 whenever a player dies.
    #For every 5 difficulty points, a zombie will spawn every second.
    #After 45, the amount of zombies that spawn no longer changes due to limitations in numbering.

    #In-game description and instructions still need to be added.
    #The powerup provider needs more speech.
    #I might add a 2 powerups (that look the same) that increase or decrease the difficulty by 5.
    Perhaps Darth could film some gameplay of it so it makes a bit more sense?

  10. Sure I can take a video of it.

  11. That's awesome, thanks for telling me. Both games sound awesome. I can't wait for kodu, I just hope it gets released tommorow