Friday, June 26, 2009

Feed the Fishy Update!

Hi! To make up for the lousy quality of that terrain editing video I uploaded a video I made of Feed the Fishy. The differences between this version and the one I posted yesterday are that the fish is now controlled by the player and the cannons are set to release apples on a random timer between 1 and 3 seconds. It took about twenty seconds to make this change in the game. It looks like this is going to be a two player game, with one person controlling the fish, and the other player the cannons.


  1. -skine

    Or add another fish and for each apple you get a point and the first person to reach 50 points wins? ;)

    I appreciate that terrain video. I'm not sure what else I'd like to see. Maybe you could surprise us? Or maybe a video where you scroll through all the different objects and commands and modifiers? Or am I getting greedy here? lol

  2. Yeah, there are so many possibilities with Kodu, and its so easy to just think about something and start doing it. Really great stuff!!

    I'm going to post a few images of some of the different bots, I've only used a few of them so far, there are a ton of commands and modifiers as well.

    Matt got back to me about releasing the ccgame to trial members, he said by the time he got signoff from the all the people who would need to sign off on it, the game would probably be released. I said he should consider it for Kodu 2.0

    The good news is that they expect to release soon. :)

  3. It's nice to find your little blog updates here. A few questions.... Does Kodu limit you to the simple little character designs (i.e. cartoony fish, ufo, etc) that come prepackaged with the game or is there a way to "upload" additional designs/content? (I fear I already know the answer, but it seems the creative process could get real stale with such a limited selection that looks to cater to children.) Is Kodu robust enough to support something like a FPS (as I read somewhere)? And I've been wanting to make a rather complex card game (without delving into the more complex XNA/C# world)...can the tools support something like that?

  4. Yes, your limited to the character models that come packaged with Kodu. I was just making a prototype FPS, There are some issues, but its certainly possible. It will of course be in the Kodu style.

    What kind of card game are you talking about? It might be possible.