Friday, June 26, 2009

Kodu Terrain Generation

Greetings! I took a short video of me building a bare world from scratch. Sorry about the video quality, I'm using a digital camera with video capture capabilities lol. Also, there are a lot of prominent strobe light effects used when generating terrain, be careful.

I start by loading an empty world and then setting some world parameters. One day I'll get around to saving a world with the parameters I like the best. Then I simply pick the ground brush and choose the material that I want. There are over a hundred different materials currently in Kodu. I chose a circular linear brush and painted a whole swath at once. A possible racetrack?

Now we wait for Kodu to do its work. Then I chose the up/down brush to generate some hills. Next is the flatten brush to smooth the terrain out. At my viewing distance it's hard to see whats happening but, you basically just hold the Left trigger down and move the thumbstick over the terrain you want to smooth out, you can also level terrain out with this brush. Then you let Kodu do its work.

Looks ready for a test flight. I add an object, picking a saucer, the fastest of them all I think. I find myself adding 3 (the max) quickness modifiers to every movement command I use, as well as increasing to maximum my bots speed multiplier.

Pretty neat!! I also use the roughen tool and add some water at the end but I'm still experimenting with those. As you can see by the thermometer I don't think we will be creating ocean worlds with this release of Kodu.

Generating worlds sure is fun but you might ask, does Kodu allow for extremely detailed terrain editing? :) This is a picture from feed the fishy, a work in progress. I scaled the brush size down to modify a small cube. It is a little bit smaller than that saucer in the video. It's possible to modify a single one of those dots.


  1. This blows my mind. Not only does it make me think that I could just spend days making race courses for vehicles (which I previously had no interest in doing) but it just looks so beautiful. The images, when taken out of context are inspiring. When in context, they are incredible.
    I am so looking forward to using this program. I see that it didn't take you long to become familiar with the basic processes.

  2. I've spent a lot of time the past few days with this program. I just keep getting amazed by what it can do.

    I haven't really explored world generation more than in that video, I've been focusing mostly on how bots work and move.

    I have been picturing something in my mind though, with purple trees and orange rivers and little kodus flying around lol.