Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hi! I was working on a Pacman game for a bit yesterday and today. A video is posted below, don't mind the horrible audio though. I'm the yellowish saucer near the bottom, and there's an AI saucer bot in the middle who wanders along a path until it hears me. Then it starts the chase, unless I just ate a power dot! In which case it better run lol.

I am having lots of fun with Kodu so far. There are some limitations of course. If you notice at the end of the video you can see the thermometer which is still green :) If I had filled the screen up with those yellow dots, which are actually wisp bots, the thermometer would have been filled. But I think the game is pretty good, its Pacman but done in the Kodu style, there are still a lot more things that could be added to this game, I have barely scratched the surface of this software. I can't even imagine what is going to be created when Kodu goes Live!!

Here is a screenshot of the same kodeman level, I just changed the camera to a first person view, and added the ability to launch an apple when I pressed A.

I'm currently debating on whether or not some of the issues that have been coming up in playtest are worthy of a fail in peer review. There has been some contentious debate about this in the past on the forums. I'm currently leaning towards the thought that this game needs to be released so that people can contribute to its further development. I think it will be available soon.


  1. That is fantastic! So you can't link multiple levels in kodu to make a complete game/package?

    Do you have a link to the kodu forums? I'd really like to check it out. Thanks and keep the updates coming!

  2. DON'T FAIL IT!!! :p

    I don't care if it has bugs. I just want to bloody play it :D

  3. Same here man!!, please don't let the others fail it on a few bugs, I'll even turn a blind eye to a crash or two, there are many of us who I'm sure could give the feedback needed to make it better & better, good job on pac-man BTW!!

  4. Ok I won't fail it lol. When I mentioned the forums I meant the XNA creators club forums in general. The only forum for Kodu right now is the playtesting forum where we post feedback for the devs, they've already done a number of patches based on our suggestions.

    You have to be a premium member to get access to the playtest and review forums though.

    Thanks for posting everyone! I liked making the pacman. I think it would be best as a multiplayer game though, Kodu is supposed to support 31 players, the max for XNA games over live. Maybe I should make a huge map lol.

  5. doh! it doesn't look like this game supports online play. it does support online world sharing though. Its a bit strange, the games info page on says up to 31 players. Oh well, I imagine online multiplayer will be implemented for version 2.

  6. To everyone that reads this blog, I've seen 2 blogs that mention that kodu will release on June 30th. (tuesday) I really hope so.

    As for my question. Can you link multiple levels ? And can you download other peoples levels in the beta? Have you seen anything interesting?

  7. I'm beginning to suspect that this game will be out sometime next week myself, probably thursday. The game needs about ten creators club members to give it a pass. I have no idea why they gave themselves a release date.

    I do not think it is possible to link Kodu files like that, there are workarounds for multiple maps in one game though.

    Yes you can download other peoples levels, I just downloaded a RTS game that someone is working on. I think the 31 players info is the max number of players you can have in a sharing room at one time.

    Sharing is pretty easy, the Kodu saving system asks if you would like to increment and save every time, so you can keep track of what version of the level you have when you share it or download someone else's