Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gaming in Exile

Hi! well I'm about halfway through my one month ban from the xbox and xna forums. I'm going to really have to control myself if I want to avoid the dreaded permaban. I hope I get unbanned in time for KODU playtesting which should be soon. I was told that there are problems with playtesting and xna 3.0. So we have to wait for xna 3.1 to come out before we can playtest.

I've got extremely high expectations for KODU. I expect to spend a lot of time playing and creating worlds with it. This blog post from one of the devs details a pretty advanced looking instruction set. It's good to know that our creativity won't be limited by the code.

I read somewhere that KODU is for anyone ages 7-70. I think we can shave a couple years off the low end of that. maybe starting at around 4 or 5. The big barrier at that age is the controller. But hey maybe project natal can change that. Can you imagine what would happen if a child's first experience with technology is a virtual version of themselves mimicking their movements and interacting with objects in the virtual environment? And what if they could meet other children in this virtual world?

Ah, but that vision is most likely a long way off :( In the meantime I have a few simple ideas that I can't wait to try out with KODU. Also I plan to do a community games review later today, I'm hoping to get back into doing a few reviews a week, but this banning thing has put a crimp in my plans lol.

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