Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hi! Sadly, My XBOX is mostly dead. its not all dead though, so I can occasionally get some playtime in. I'm going to be sending it away shortly, I do have a few reviews saved up for just the proper occasion though. But until I receive my "new" machine, reviews will be few and far between. A few weeks at the most I hope.

In the meantime check out a silverlight version of my upcoming Community Game.

Ye Olde Dice Game
Let me know what you think of it!
The XBOX version has more medieval songs, 4 way local multiplayer, a high score list and improved graphics.
I'm also working on Live multiplayer support for version 2.


(Update: I was just banned on the XNA forums for a week :) Basically for telling it like it is!! Ye Olde Dice Game should be available around may 12-14 hopefully.


  1. Hey, sorry to hear about your xbox. Mine has died 3 times so far. At least they ship them pretty quick now. I love that you put Ye Olde Dice Game on Silverlight. I was wondering how hard that was to do and what you used to do it? I'm thinking that would be great for WORDZY.

  2. Hi! putting my game on Silverlight wasn't that hard. I had to gut a few things, but it still works. Took me a few hours. and then some spots of bug fixing.

    check out this website for step by step.

  3. Sorry to hear you got banned (bad boy). Just passed your game with two suggestions for improvements. Perhaps you might be interested to review Poker Squares here some day?


  4. thanks for passing it, I'm not sure if my game was banned or not, but since people have been passing it, I assume it wasn't. I'll think about your suggestions, I will probably add some of them, but I like the triggers to roll, I think I could add in more control options. I've also hit the wrong buttons a few times myself ;) I'll check out poker squares once my XBOX is back from the shop!