Monday, April 20, 2009

Retro One Part 2

Still No Big Boss Battles

But now with multiplayer support! I enjoyed this game, yes it is a little simplistic and “Retro” but that’s part of its charm! I was able to rack up a decent score, and yet it seemed to be meaningless since the game isn’t capable of storing those high scores. Storage is the bane of many an XNA developer but it is definitely needed in a lot of games, especially in a retro-shooter like this one.

Retro One presents you with a number of difficulty options at the main menu, from Easy to Rock Hard. The tag line for Rock Hard simply states: You will not survive! It is indeed tough. Each difficulty choice simply places you on a higher level with a smaller amount of lives.

If you decide to start on Easy, you will probably find the game to be just that. You can rapidly mash the A button or hold it down for a supercharged shot. You will barely be able to see your enemies appear before they are blown to bits! There are a lot of powerups in this game, but sadly all they seem to do is increase the number of little yellow bullets you can shoot at one time. Perhaps a laser or two might have been beneficial?

I was really expecting some type of boss at the end of each level, even if it was just a scaled up version of a regular enemy that could take more damage, but alas. At the end of each level you are presented with some statistics like how many shots fired, and your accuracy. But since there’s no high score list, all those numbers will be lost to the ether each time we end the game.

I thought it was enjoyable for a bit, something to play while you wait for your favorite show to come on? Fans of Retro One Part 1 should enjoy it, and it has made me look forward to Retro One Part 3.
My XBOX is about to DIE!!


  1. Great blog. You are the only one giving previews for the games currently in peer review. It's nice to know what I can look forward to trying out. Please continue to do previews. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for the Preview Review. R1-P2 was just an update of the Original R1. But I am happy with the improvements that we managed to fit into it, given the small time scale we had for the update.
    We are currently working hard on a new game called Adventures Of Sid, 2D platformer!. After that we will be working on Retro 2 and hopefully adding all those features that are currently missing in R1 and R1-p2.

    Programmer & Designer for RetroCoders Games.

  3. thanks for commenting! I'm going to try and focus on soon to be released games, but I might have to dip into the back catalog once in awhile.

    Can't wait for R1-p3! Ill check out the Adventures of Sid as well.

  4. @Darthuvius
    I would be happy to link you to the latest versions to Download and try out. Email me if you would like to at