Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A Colorful Game of Cat and Mouse
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You had me at the thumbnail :). Maybe I’m just partial to black and white kittycats, but I liked this game. The gameplay is simple, you start off in a neighborhood that is mostly empty lots, with a few scattered houses. As Terwilliger, your job is to catch those yummy mice scurrying around the neighborhood. You can pass freely through the vacant lots, but the houses are obstacles you have to navigate around. I can’t believe anyone wouldn’t want to bring Terwilliger into their home!

If you do catch some mice, new people move into the neighborhood and Terwilliger does get to visit those new homes. Sometimes the owners leave Terwilliger a treat, but sometimes they have a mean doggie that starts to chase Terwilliger around the neighborhood.

Once you catch enough mice, the next house you visit will contain a checkmark. That means Terwilliger can now move along to the next neighborhood. Just move into the next sign in the middle of neighborhood to advance.

Terwilliger can sometimes get powerups and skills like swipe and hide, from the houses he visits as well. These will probably come in handy if you can make it to the upper levels, of which there might be 170! You get a bonus screen and a checkpoint every ten levels, so good luck mouse catchers! I’ve only made it to level 11, but I’ll play it some more I’m sure.

The developers themselves have said they’ve only seen people make it into the 30’s, so here’s your chance to beat them at their own game. And since the devs haven’t’ even beaten their game, who knows what could happen if you do.

The graphics are very cartoonish and fit the gameplay perfectly, I really liked the polka music too. I’m looking forward to see what other situations Terwilliger might get himself into in the future.

Cats Rule and Dogs Drool!

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