Friday, April 17, 2009

Game About a Soup Factory


Click to Download the Trial

I'm a sandwich technician by trade, but this game still intrigued me. Especially when the developer stated that "the player will 'guess' the mechanic naturally".

Developed in a modern/minimalist/contemporary style, this game is at its core a single stick shooter, although it could benefit from the addition of another stick. The game begins with a simple white arrow, your in game persona, constrained to a 4x4 black and white grid in the center of the screen. A stylized jalapeno pepper is displayed in the center of the grid.

Suddenly strange objects, things I had never before considered adding to my soup, are coming at me from all directions.

note: probably no need to purchase this to attain good high scores. You will die before 8 minute trial is done! :)

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