Monday, April 13, 2009

Cave In - Miner Rescue Team

Excellent and difficult puzzle action game.

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Multiple game play modes, including story mode, single player survival, multiplayer survival, and multiplayer battle. The multiplayer is quite fun but is limited to local play only. Battle mode involved both players moving around a caved in mine kicking big colored rocks at each other. If you get hit with a rock you die, simple but fun.

I played through the story mode for about an hour and got midway through level 2. The levels progress in the 1-1, 1-2, style with about ten sublevels per level. I was surprised that each sublevel usually offered a new type of obstacle to navigate past. This made each level new, different, and fun. I did get a little frustrated at some points because on some levels, if you move a rock to a place you aren’t supposed to, your path can become irreversibly blocked, when this happens you have to press start and then restart the level.

The only problem I found with story mode was there wasn’t much of a story. Story mode involved you, the miner making your way through various rooms and freeing any trapped miners in those rooms. It is possible to exit some rooms without freeing the miners. Or you can kick a rock at one, flattening him instead of freeing him. The latter was what I ended up doing most of the time :)

The game does make use of pop up dialog boxes occasionally in the beginning, and to explain any new obstacles, but I would have liked more NPC interaction in story mode. There was only one exit in each of the rooms that I got to, so the story is also quite linear.

I did like the graphics, the lighting is extremely well done. On some of my favorite levels the only light is that from your mining helmet. The rest is a dark maze with unknown dangers around every turn. My only gripe is that after playing a level of multiplayer battle or survival mode, there is a close-up shot of the winning miner. The plainness of the miner’s graphics really stands out at that point. But it’s nothing to not play the game over.

And last but not least, Cave In comes with a built in Level editor, I didn’t use it that much but I’m sure it is everything that a level editor for this type of game should be. The controls on the map editor betray this title as a port from the PC, but there are a number of PC ports making their way onto XBCG these days.

Have fun in the Mines!

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  1. I love your cat pics! Very cute. Cool blog as well. I'll have to check out the game. Sounds fun.