Saturday, December 5, 2009

Words in a Word

This ain't your daddy's anagram game!!

Click to download the trial

As you are probably not aware, I am a huge fan of word games. Does Words in a Word meet my oh so high expectations for what a word game should be? The answer may surprise you!

Simply put, yes it does. I have only played the trial version of this game which is sadly limited to a 45 second practice round of anagrammatic fun! The title screen is shown below, tantalizing me with its online multiplayer menu choices.

The gameplay is simple, you are presented with a Scrabble-esque letter tile holder and then proceed to make words. Unfortunately the game appears to be broken, for the A button does not seem to select a letter as it should. Strange indeed. A glance at the help menu informs me that the directional pad is the input method of choice for this particular game.

Press left and right to highlight a letter, then press down to select. Bizarro world for sure, but it does work. I only wish the devs would have allowed a customizable control scheme.

I played through a few practice rounds and quite enjoyed the game. Half of the screen during practice matches is composed of a grid of empty squares, teasing you with the possibilities of words that are possible. After the timer runs out the grid is filled with all of the words that you missed. The trial mode is limited to 45 seconds as I mentioned earlier, and this is not nearly enough time to make more than 6 or 7 words I think. But it does offer a glimpse of the game's possibilities. Some of the possible words are those rare gems that have been out of the cultures lexicon for hundreds or perhaps thousands of years, so a dictionary would be useful here I think. Perhaps an update could include definitions that popup at the right side of the screen, defining words as you scroll through them?

I enjoyed my short time with the game, and I wonder what the multiplayer options are, unfortunately I am low on monies and cannot afford to purchase every game that appears on the indie games channel :(

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