Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dungeon Crawls

According to this thread,  there are three! Rogue like games currently in development for the Xbox indie games channel. Oh happy day!!

I think the one being developed by UberGeekgames is going to be released first,  it is currently in peer review I believe. I am a huge fan of the infinite progressive dungeon crawl.  Here are some screen shots from the developers website.

The developer has included an ASCII skin for this game for those who wish to replicate rogues original conditions i.e. the early 1980's when computer graphics didn't really exist, at least not for most people. I doubt many people besides the developer and a handful of others will even bother with the ASCII version of the game. If you do decide to go the ASCII route please feel free to call yourself hardcore. I however like my sprites pixellated.

The Xbox has been lacking a serious attempt at this genre for what, about 6 years? There was Xeno Arena a few months ago, but that game did not have any character customization. What it did have was a nice graphics engine. If only we could somehow merge Xeno Arena and Dungeon Adventure lol!

Leave it to the indie developers and they will create the games that the people want. UberGeekGames is even trying to implement a global high score board to their game. Something that is not really possible for XNA indie games, except through the use of some creative P2P coding. Even so, what this means is we are getting a competitive dungeon crawl. 

I think what the indie games channel needs is a game with some staying power, and no I'm not talking about that zomb13 shooter. I'm talking about a game that the community plays together and one that is constantly updated due to feedback. Expansion packs are currently out of the question for most games, due to file size restrictions. But for a game like Uber's Rogue, I think a complete graphical overhaul is not out of the question. It appears to be mostly done, except for the interface, which still appears to be text based and scrolls across the screen? I haven't played it yet but I'm eagerly awaiting a chance. Here's a trailer from UberGeekGames. The trailer says the game is available now but it isn't.


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