Monday, December 21, 2009

Goblyn Stomp

Mr. Chap Scaliwag is our protagonist and stomping Goblyns is what he does best.

There are few things this dapper gamer loves more than to enter my warm abode after a brisk constitutional, obtain a luxurious repose on the settee, turn on the moving picture machine and commence with the destruction of whatever the developer has set before me. In this case it happens to be hordes of Goblyns. 

I am a huge fan of old timey so the screenshots were the selling point for me. The game features charming sepia-toned cartoon graphics and delightful ragtime music to accompany the excessive Goblyn dismemberment brought on by Fantastic Stomps and Remote Mynes.

Trevor, the games developer, outlines the process behind the creation of Goblyn Stomp on his blog Mountain Folk Software. There are only a few posts there but you get a small glimpse of how games are developed, from a simple concept to a simple on screen representation, later fleshed out with an aesthetic quality. Trevor said, "It's my first attempt at a complete game, and I tried to balance my efforts between style and substance to create an all-around pleasant experience." 

Each stomping session is concluded with an impressive display of the number of Goblyns you’ve vanquished, with a triumphant Chap Scaliwag standing atop an ever-increasing pile of Goblyns. This is definitely one of the game's highlights. The game includes a local high score table to record your most fantastic Goblyn Stomping. Trevor has claimed a score of 8500 so you best get stompin' if you want to try and beat the dev at his own game. 

I enjoy Goblyn Stomp, yes I am still playing it! I love watching that pile of Goblyns stack up, although to me it is a huge stack of skulls!!

When asked if the adventures of Mr. Chap Scaliwag would continue in perhaps a Goblyn Stomp 2 or some type of platform escapade, Trevor replied, "Depending on how well Goblyn Stomp is received, I may very well do a spin off or a sequel featuring Mr. Chap Scaliwag."

Let us hope for more as we always do.


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