Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rejoice! Ye Olde Dice Game is Here!

After much tribulations, my first XBOX community game is available on the marketplace. You can download the trial version, or purchase the full version here Ye Olde Dice Game

This game is a variation on the classic Yacht game that we all know and love. It features 4 way local multiplayer, so gather the family around the big old HDTV and start rolling!

The theme of this game was inspired by the medieval days of yore, from the art which is all out of the Book of Kells, to the excellent music which are acoustic guitar renditions of 14-17th century masterpieces performed by John Sayles. All the way down to the dice, which are from the early roman empire. Images of which were provided by Arjan Verweij.

I hope you enjoy this game! If you would like to play this game right now I have created a silverlight version that is playable in a web browser. Please note that the XBOX version is much better though. Ye Olde Dice on the Web

Also, you can rate my game on this site: XBCG Info
please do rate it if you have played it and liked it, I have a feeling that my game has garnered some votes, not from opinions on the quality of the gameplay, but from personal opinions of my character.

Alea iacta est

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