Friday, May 15, 2009

Dice Game Contest $$$

1600 MS points were sent out!!

(amazon doesn't sell 800 point codes :)

Greetings! I am announcing a new contest for Ye Olde Dice Game.

The prize: 800 MS points :)

The rules: Send me a picture of your highest score from a single 1 player game of Ye Olde Dice Game. This contest starts now and ends May 31! So get rolling!

Place to send your photo: After you take a picture of your television screen with a high score, send the photo to with your total score in the subject line. Good luck.

There are two ways to obtain a copy of Ye Olde Dice Game that you can use to participate in the contest.

Download the free trial from the XBOX marketplace

Complete this short tutorial explaining how to become a trial member of the creators club and then Download Ye Olde Dice Game free of charge.
Tutorial and Link to Game File at bottom of page
(If you do complete that tutorial, please head over to the creators club forums and post if you think trial members should be able to playtest games in development!!)

The current Leader is: PlayingMantis37 with a score of 331

That's a pretty good score, you still have a few more days to beat it though! The prize could be yours!

I won't be entering the contest of course, but after PlayingMantis37 submitted his latest entry I just had to try and beat it of course :)

I will be posting regular updates about the current winning score in this post. So bookmark!!

If you have any questions about this contest please leave a comment below.


  1. Nice job on the game! I would like to do the contest, but I am saving money for a laptop (so no MSP). The laptop will let me do ".ccgame" files so I am looking forward to that.

  2. thanks for trying the game! and good luck on the tutorial to set up your creators club membership. You can send a picture of your high score from the free trial version of the game on the xbox too!

  3. Can we submit more than one score/picture? I have been playing Ye Old Dice Game a lot these past few days.

    Just want to make sure I can enter again as I increase my high score.

  4. yeah enter as often as you like! thanks for playing my game :)

  5. Thanks again for the contest and the double bonus prize :)

    I've already picked up YODG, Halfbrick Echoes, and CaveIn Miner Rescue Team with the points!