Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Orbyx - Mystic Orbs of Chaos

The Pachinko Game I have been waiting for.
(Disclaimer: I used to own an old style Pachinko Machine)

For fans of Pachinko and Peggle it needs no explanation. But in case you aren’t familiar, Orbyx involves you, a bunch of little balls that you get to shoot out of a cannon, and the rewards you get when your ball hits certain targets (pegs) on the gamescreen. Orbyx adds a breakout style paddle to the bottom of some levels which make the game just so much better.
There are a lot of other good variations in this game, moving pegs being one. Also you get to choose from four unlockable sorceress’s to play with, each with a unique spell. Spells include Multiball, Explosion, and Teleport. To cast the spell you must hit certain pegs shaped like letters to spell out the word MAGIC. Once you hit all the letters the spell is cast. Some levels can be quite difficult and you might be helped by picking the right sorceress for the situation.
There is a nice fantasy theme to this game and it is helped by a voiced introduction to the game from one of the sorceresses. Along the way through the Orbyx realm you might get some more advice from these sorceresses too. The game’s sound effects are very nice as well. I must admit, one of the reasons I play these games is for the audio feedback received when my balls hit the pegs. Orbyx delivers in this regard quite well!
I only had two small gripes with this game but they should not stop anyone from trying the game out. The fantasy theme could have easily lent itself to a more developed storyline. Maybe a future version could have some artistic cut scenes after each level to go along with the nice dialogue from the sorceresses.
I was also a little disappointed in the lack of widescreen support. Even though this game allows you to choose between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios when you first start, the 16:9 choice just displays the main gamescreen in the center of your television with an artistic border on the sides. I would have liked the game to fill up my entire television.

If you can get past these small issues, and you really should, Orbyx will be a very fun and sometimes very challenging game.
So Shiny!

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