Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hypno Vol. 1

Hypno Vol. 1 is dark, but its a good kind of dark. The kind that lets you enjoy traveling around the city forcing complete strangers to strangle themselves. Yes there are missions to be done and objectives to complete in this latest addition to the Xbox Indie Games Channel, but I feel as though the game's strengths lie with a sort of free play that can happen as you venture around, trying to come up with new and improved ways to kill.

The main character in our story is Lydia, a hypno.

She has been gifted with the ability to imprint on people's minds anything that she has previously ripped from the minds of others. In the beginning, Lydia's powers are weak. All she is capable of are simple things like forcing people to strangle others, or themselves. But her powers grow by feeding on the depravity of those around her. And new abilities are unleashed as she reaches milestones of mayhem, such as kill three innocents at once.

Hypno opens with a very disturbing cinematic, which is sadly not shown in the trial version of the game. The developer, Andrew Gaubatz told me that it's absence in the trial was due to the eight minute time limit Microsoft imposes on all trial versions of indie games. The cinematic's inclusion would have meant all you would see of the game in the trial would be the cinematic. But after seeing the cinematic I think anyone with even a modicum of decency would instantly purchase Hypno Vol. 1.

Did I mention that Lydia is blind? To her the city is a perfect grid, free of the colors and distractions that others face as they walk through its streets. All are the same in Lydia's world. All are but thoughts to be changed and manipulated as she sees fit.

Each death is accompanied by a very nice and very graphic depiction

Yes, You are the green dot. Your potential victims are the numerous black dots, each with a personality, each with a trait to be stolen or manipulated.

What are you waiting for?

Purchase the Game.


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