Friday, July 3, 2009

Fish Bowl Wars

Hi all, Heyds77 just shared his game with me. Fish bowl wars.

Its a fun arena shooter! The game has neat sounds and light effects which don't come across in the video. But just send Heyds77 or me (Darthuvius) a message to get this game!!

Allright, got to get back to working on my game now :)


  1. Thanks for posting the vid Darthavius! So far the community's been loving it!

  2. hey darthuvius do you know how far the patch is in peer reveiw? and do you think you could show videos of some of the changes?

  3. unfortunately i was permabanned from the xna creators club about a month ago. I am hoping to spend some more time with kodu soon. There are a lot of good fixes coming.

  4. ooh, that sucks. why were you banned? D:

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